Local and Experienced Technicians 

Our technicians are locally based and very experienced in their field. Ready to be called upon to make repairs on the spot. Keeping your music running with as little downtime as possible.


Over 200 Genres and Thousands of Songs

Our team of dedicated musical designers work hard to put together unique and business friendly music. Their work allows us to provide you with over 200 Genres of music with thousands of songs amongst them.


Reliable Satellite and Versatile Internet

The internet is the future, and we provide a safe customizable way to experience music through it. Though not everyone has reliable internet, which is why we still provide reliable satellite radio any location it is requested.


Music Curated to Fit Any Business

We have a huge musical library which we pull from to design an experience to best serve your place of business. Best of all, it is all curated to fit any business environment.