About Environmental Sound Solutions, inc.

Environmental Sound Solutions, Inc. is a family owned business packed with three generations of experience.

For over 50 years, we have been providing sound business solutions to the Counties of Kern, Inyo, Mono Counties and Lancaster /Palmdale Areas.

Our company offers a vast variety of services from Background Music, Phone Messaging, Sound and Paging Systems to Digital Signage, Scent Marketing, Drive Thru and Closed Circuit TV Systems.

We are excited to introduce our newest service:  Virtual 3D Building Tours.

This 3D Scanning Service provides a virtual tour for real estate, rental and vacation property, hotels, spas, businesses and restaurants to use on their website, placing the site or business with an up close and personal experience.  These tours allow potential clients to travel through the location, giving them the ability and freedom to see what peaks their interest, in order to imagine themselves occupying any given place.

Our goal is to work together with businesses. By choosing one or more of our services to create a safe and inviting work space for employee productivity and coming together to develop a unique experience for your customers that will ultimately generate longevity for business succeed.